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Welcome to openfree

openfree BioOS is an operating system for biology and bioinformatics. It is a general term for various OS specialize in bioinformatics operations. It was first conceptualized and developed in 1996, Cambridge, UK.

BioOS developed on the centos x86_64.


  • BioLinux: The first Linux based bioOS, made in mid 1990s.
  • BioLinux is a repository of easy-to-install RPM packages for widely used bio-informatics tools.


Download BioOS Current Version

BioOS Product


 BioOS Support

 List of packages present in the BioOS

The BioOS contains a suite of Bio-informatics applications, most commonly in use by the bio-informatics community. The list of applications is as follows:


Release Note
  • 2010-08-26BioOS_v0.3_x86_64 release 
     Update software list :
         - R 2.11
         - Python2.6
  • 2010-06-03BioOS_v0.2_x86_64 release 
     Update software list :
         - Lustre 1.8.3 (Distributed File System)
  • 2010-05-31BioOS_v0.1_x86_64 release 

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